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Hebei Bohong induction technology co., LTD
Enterprise Purpose


Hebei Bohong company ,with rich engineering experience in the fields of induction heating and heat treatment, adhering the enterprise purpose of "create value for customers, creating benefits for partners" , and "you use equipment, I maintain" after-sales service concept, also with perfect service management system, wholeheartedly for the customer to provide consistent high quality service and comprehensive technical support, we are forever partners and friends of all customers.

Service hotline

+ Service hotline:86-312-3121666、2132735
+ Fax:86-312-5953321
+ E-mail:hbbh@hebeibohong.com
+ Official website:www.hebeibohong.com

Product quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

  1. The company products are strictly produced and inspected according to ISO9001 quality management system requirements and standard.
  2. Company pursues the after-sales service concept of "you use equipment, I maintain". After-sales service is quick and timely, after receiving the quality information feedback, we will give the user a satisfactory reply within 24 hours;Within 3 days to arrive at the site for domestic users; Within 7 days for foreign users shall be answered by telephone, fax and mail.
  3. After the acceptance of the equipment, the supplier shall keep 1 technician, monitor the operation of the equipment, and provide technical training to the relevant technical personnel of the buyer for 1-3 days.
  4. The warranty period of the equipment is 1 year from the date of acceptance, the supplier will maintain the equipment free of charge during the warranty period and lifetime maintained.
  5. After the equipment over warranty period, only need necessary maintenance and material cost.
  6. About homemade parts, the supplier promised not to increase the price within 1 year.
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