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Aluminum tube welding


1, aluminum welding;

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, more and more low cost welded aluminum tubes. Especially a large number of the area of the heat exchanger using the welding tubes, due to the low melting point of aluminum, and high thermal conductivity, heat capacity, large thermal expansion coefficient, and aluminum and oxygen has a great affinity, its oxide inclusions will cause the weld, aluminum can absorb large amounts of hydrogen in the liquid and therefore the welding of aluminum is easy to generate pores, resulting in difficulties in welding. High frequency power for the welding process of the technical difficulty of the aluminum tube, using a higher frequency, so that the weld heat affected zone of narrow current decreases and the tube wall. Aluminum tubes welded weld power density, the faster the welding speed, the better the weld quality requirements. The high-frequency power can be speed tracking mode work, so as to ensure the quality of the welding. Our company pioneered the use of solid-state high frequency induction heating power equipped with welded aluminum tube production line, with a welding speed, weld heat affected zone is narrow, weld quality, high production efficiency, different specifications of aluminum continuous molding finished into a variety of high-frequency welding. Especially hollow glass aluminum liner production lines with advanced technology, superior performance, cost-effective and high welding speed up to 120m/min, pressure lines, molding, drilling, cutting at once efficient and stable quality pass rate can reach 80%.

2, hollow aluminum tubes

  • ① hollow aluminum bar is now widely in a large number of energy-efficient residential windows and doors, chopper-type solid state power has great advantages in energy efficiency, reliability, etc., to be applied in many domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  • ② process; the decoiling→Feeding→roll forming→set of high-frequency welding→scraper Trail→straightening→Flying saw cutting→cutting. The hollow glass aluminum riffles models 6A, 9A, 12A, 14A, 15A, 16A, 19A, 20A
  • ③The equipment: uncoiler, rolling block, high-frequency welding power, straightening shaping machines, flying saws
  • ④ Power chopper-type high frequency solid state power, welding speed of 100-120 m / min
  • ⑤ product technology requirements:
    • Awall thickness: unilateral peripheral wall thicknesses between 0.20 ~ 0.35mm ± 0.025mm wall thickness to ensure.
    • Bcurvature: Product not allow a hard bend, except for lateral bending (freedom drooping curvature).
    • C, Appearance: The surface is smooth, no bump, stomatal uniform neat.
Typical applications