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Pipe weld seam processing


Steel pipe weld seams processing

1, the device consists of: heating power, Inductor lifting devices, automatic tracking system, cooling system

2, applicable power: solid state IF or SCR IF power

3, process:

Weld annealing line is widely used in the oil pipeline and other high-quality steel pipe manufacturing.

The pipe weld Online annealing advanced technology for the production of high-strength steel, weld annealing line, eliminating welding residual stress, improve organizational structure, so that the weld heat affected zone has a consistent organizational structure and base metal toughness and strength properties.

The steel pipe induction annealing apparatus is an induction heating coil as the main components of the continuous pipe mechanical the weld just welded and quenching heated to above its critical temperature, the pipe weld annealing to prevent weld potential crack. The resulting fine grain structure can ensure the the tough steel pipe to meet all standard specifications.

Pipe weld annealing line equipment from the thyristor frequency power supply, online annealing sensor / mechanical adjustment mechanism, switchgear and integrated console.

  • 1) stand-alone power and frequency: 500/600KW ,1-3KHZ
  • 2) Medium Frequency Power: single-chip microcomputer control, voltage and current double PI "loop regulator, Tank using an electric capacitor and load matching energy efficient insulation transformer.
  • 3) online annealing inductor / the mechanical adjustments mechanical: by plane inductor installation of permeable material, mechanical adjustment mechanism, the capacitor cabinet.
  • 4) switch cabinet: the isolation switch, the double release of DW17 automatic air switch and power grids isolated boost rectifier transformer.
  • 5) integrated console: IF power start-stop control, weld annealing temperature control and record archiving functions.
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