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Cold rolled ribbed rebar treatment


1, Product Overview

Cold rolled ribbed steel is widely used building materials of the building industry, and after cold rolling of the hot-rolled rods, uniformly distributed in the longitudinal direction of the surface along three sides, or both sides of the cross rib reinforced. China National Standard (GB13788-2008), the ordinary reinforced concrete, cold-rolled ribbed steel Q215 or Q235 rods formed by cold rolling, its nominal diameter range is 4mm to 12mm grades are CRB550 major mechanical performance indicators: tensile strength σb ≮ 550Mpa, yield strength σs ≮ 500Mpa, the elongation δ ≮ 8% of Production: first cold rolling of hot-rolled rods, molding, then its appropriate heat treatment.

Features: power-saving, rust-proof steel capacity, stable operation of equipment.

Red Star high-frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. since 2006 began production of cold-rolled ribbed steel equipment, has accumulated a wealth of experience, the series outfit different production configurations depending on the production speed, maximum speed up to 500 m / min, induction heating power design applications of the company's patented chopping technique, more energy efficient, power factor up to 0.95.

New type of cold-rolled ribbed steel series heating device is different from the past, generally each steel production line is equipped with 2 heating power, is launching each line with a heating power, as well as according to some of the user's existing power capacity can be want to try first on a production line, for which we launched special series of products, available to the different requirements of the user to select.

2, the equipment consists of: line planes, cold rolling mill, tempering the power of the different combinations, the closing line frame

3, power selection: solid state audio power, according to the speed of the production line using the combination of one or more power Heating Power: 200KW, 300KW, 400KW, 500KW, 600KW

The complete distribution capacity、heating equipment configuration、 the line speed 、φ9mm reinforcement yield



80m / min

2.4t / h



100m / min

3.0t / h



120m / min

3.6t / h



150m / min

4.5t / h



150m / min

(Φ12) 7.9 tons / hour

Typical applications