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Quenching machine tool


Induction heating has a very wide range of applications in the field of mechanical parts quenching, different types of workpiece has a different process requirements, the power and frequency of the power have to be based on the area of the workpiece and the thickness of the hardened layer selected, Redstar high-frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. in the field of mechanical parts quenching industry has deep roots and history, the company gathered a mechanical process engineer and inductor professional design engineers to meet the needs of different types of users, to provide professional advice to achieve a variety of complex processes. Red Star and has powerful machining capacity, craft, power equipment can also provide different kinds of hardening machine. Hardening machine is supporting the use of the heating power of high-frequency, intermediate frequency or ultra audio equipment. Our company produced the hardening machine for its superior control, accurate positioning accuracy, flexible operating performance, widely used in the production of large quantities of machinery parts quenching processing. Hardening machine are classified as follows:

Uses: shafts, gears, disc, ring gear quenching and tempering.

Transmission: mechanical, hydraulic, composite.

Structure: vertical, horizontal, double-column type.

Quenching: continuous spray quenching, disposable spray quenching immersion quenching.

Control: CNC, PLC, Easy CNC.

Typical applications