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Solid solution treatment of stainless steel tube


Stainless steel induction heating the solid solution bright annealing furnace is widely used in stainless steel welded pipe production line, online in a stainless steel tube manufacturing process to complete solid solution bright processing line solution treatment and pipe production line synchronous connection, welding and solid solution at the same time to complete. Online processing pipe diameter Φ6-Φ273mm, suitable for stainless steel SUS304, 316,316 L, etc.. Online the running speed 0-10M/min adjustable heating temperature is set according to the solution-treated material, and is equipped with advanced automatic detection of infrared temperature measurement system and synchronization solution refrigeration system, easy to operate, multi-function, multi protection, and more display, comes with integrated water cooling system, do not need to reprovision the external water-cooling unit. Steel pipe heating using all-solid-state IGBT induction heating power, has a small footprint, light weight, low operating voltage, high safety factor, high-frequency radiation, low noise, and low failure rate and maintenance difficulty, the electrical efficiency of up to 85 % or more. The control system adopts Germany imported PLC control, Taiwan large-screen display, intuitive understanding of the equipment operating status and fault conditions through the display staff. The whole set a variety of protective measures to maximize the stability and reliability of equipment. Complete with chain production line control and protection functions.

Bright heat treatment process to avoid pollution of the environment, brought about by the traditional pickling process, its purpose is to eliminate the tissue defect of stainless steel to reduce the hardness, to improve the performance of the steel, and to restore the plastic deformation capacity of steel in order to meet the needs of the processing, the use of induction heating power is a stainless steel tube heated up to above the phase transition temperature (austenitic stainless steel is generally not more than 1100 degrees Celsius) and maintain a certain time after the quench. Generally protective atmosphere annealing, the purpose is to avoid oxidation caused by surface regenerated iron skin, commonly known as the bright annealing.

Bright continuous heat treatment furnace is composed mainly by the heating portion and the cooling portion. In order to meet the requirements of the units of different welding pipe, designed to separate support frame, heating and quenching system is installed above the support frame can adjust the height of the center line of the bright heat treatment device. Quenching chamber and connected to the sealing bush of the heating coil is completely closed, the water to the outer surface cooling, while in the interior of the tube, having a high heat conduction properties of a conductive medium to the heat of the stainless steel tube quickly transmitted to the surface of the external water cooling cavity. Throughout the quenching process is under the control of the protection of the atmosphere, in order to ensure the ongoing light processing before the outlet temperature. This equipment intelligent ignition system at any time to monitor the flame. Before and after sealing, furnace using air route design and reasonable so bright rapid response to reduce the number of clarinet, significant savings in the amount of gas protection for users at the same time. To improve the heating efficiency and the design of the heating inductor, including a protective gas atmosphere containing a controllable sealing bush is used to prevent contamination from the external environment. Direct water quenching device plays a vital role in maintaining the consistency of the product size. And kept to a minimum to ensure the length of quenching.

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