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Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metal smelting


1, Product Overview

Intermediate frequency electric furnace is widely used in a variety of fields, metal smelting, is not only used in the smelting of melting steel, alloy steel, special steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other ferrous materials, can also be used for non-ferrous metal smelting of copper, alum inum, zinc and warming, insulation, and other production processes. Types of intermediate frequency smelting furnace: furnace is divided into: the steel furnace, aluminum furnace; divided into functions: melting furnace, holding furnace; the melting objects: steel black metal melting copper furnace, aluminum melting furnace, precious metals; work: a cabinet, a stove, a cabinet two furnaces, two cabinet heaters. Set of electrical allocation of power to the two sets of furnace at the same time: It can be a melting an insulation or double melting. A single power supply with two furnaces work at the same time, the power arbitrarily assigned a melting one insulation, uninterrupted smelting, when needed, can be incubated in accurate temperature heating, quenching and tempering, to maximize the amount of production.

The IF furnace power control with full digital trigger, soft-start technology, current-voltage, cited trigger angle and impedance regulator control features and high overcurrent protection, low-current protection, over voltage protection, the main circuit phase failure, the cooling water of depress a comprehensive range of protection functions. The equipment has excellent frequency automatic tracking capabilities, and a collection of all the core control as a whole, to reduce the interference of external communication. A printed circuit board contains rectifier trigger, set regulator protection circuit of inverter start, and SCM start computing part, to simplify the external line, greatly improving the stability of equipment operation, and simplify the maintenance of content and time. Way power is divided into series or parallel inverter, using the sweep start power-up mode, start success rate of 100%. Give full play to the powerful features of the computer hardware and software based on the optimal adjustment of the rectifier and inverter. This circuit uses a constant power regulation effectively overcome the disadvantage output power grid fluctuations, workpiece change, stable power output at the required power, the heating temperature stability. Since the inverter angle is automatically adjusted so the bridge rectifier try to maintain a full output state, thus reducing the reactive power loss and harmonic pollution, high production efficiency, save energy, and can make full use of the capacity of the transformer. Greatly adapted to special customer field adjustment.

2, the equipment consists of: aluminum or steel smelting furnace, intermediate frequency power, mechanical or hydraulic flip device

3, Power Selection: SCR frequency power

Typical applications