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Gem smelting


Cold crucible melting shell prepared cubic zirconia gem is widely used in the field of artificial gem production, high-frequency induction heating equipment is essential in the production process equipment, the traditional use tube high-frequency device heating, now all-solid-state induction heating equipment applications in the field , which is characterized by: high efficiency, large output gem, low operating voltage, and thus more secure. Of gem melting Power Hongxing produced in the oxidation of 400-600kW, frequency 240-280KHZ, series resonant mode, the working temperature of about 3000 degrees, can be used for production of various colors cubic zirconium. After many years of practical application, the Red Star has a wealth of experience accumulated in the power and process manufacturing can take on the whole project, chopping latest patented technology, the gem product is purer and better quality.

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