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1, Process Description: The production line for the production of low relaxation steel pipe piles with female thread dedicated production line, and its products are mainly used for the production of reinforced concrete pipe pile. According to the actual needs of the construction industry markets prestressed concrete pipe pile reinforcement, the design of the production line can produce Φ7.1 Φ9.0, Φ10.7, Φ12.6 four kinds of reinforcement, production line work line voltage 380V/50HZ .

In order to ensure the stable operation of the PC steel bar production lines, reduce equipment failure rates, and achieve energy-saving purposes, Our company draw on the advantages of OTT French company and a German company PC steel bar production line, and combined with field experience in a number of improvements on the production line. The main features of the production line of the company: in order to prevent the the steel bars oxide and dust fall into the tank, causing downtime, inductor connection using a special design, all inductor are special fixture machine wound. Since the inductor is made to improve the accuracy, the inner diameter of the inductor, turns from the uniform, reducing the magnetic field fugitive, thereby improving the heating efficiency. Plus the protective layer of the layer of insulation between the ceramic tube and the inductor of the inductor assembly, and further improve the heating efficiency. On the delivery status can be based on user needs to produce special-shaped reinforced (also known as concave rebar), coiled supplier. Order this product a strong competitive edge in the market, prestressed concrete with steel bars press the Japanese JISG3137 standard or China YB/T111-1997 GB/T5223.3-2005 standards organization of production and acceptance. You can also organize production in accordance with advanced foreign countries similar product standards, physical quality can reach the international advanced level.

The main technical indicators

  • ①, Material: UB30Si UB35Si or UB30Mn, UB35Mn
  • ②, Specification: Φ7.1-Φ12.6
  • ③, the quenching temperature: 950 ° C and about
  • ④, the tempering temperature: 450 ℃
  • ⑤, run wire speed: (Φ7.1): 70M/min (Φ9.0): 70M/min
    ⑤, run wire speed: (Φ7.1): 70M/min (Φ9.0): 70M/min
  • ⑥,Power consumption: <450 / ton (Φ9.0 the specification steel bars 70M/min assessment)
  • ⑦, 24 hours of continuous work.

2, the equipment consists of: the pay-off stand, cable management arm, the machinery to rust, drawing machine, nicks machine, straightening machine, washing machine, tractor, three quenching power, quench tank, a tempering power tempered cooling water tank, shearing machine, Take-up machine, welder

3, Power Selection: based on the highest speed limit may have different options then, common specifications speed as follows:

  • Φ7.1mm of specifications 110 m / min.
  • Φ9.0mm specifications of 100 m / min
  • Φ10.7mm specifications of 70 m / min.
  • Φ12.6mm specifications of 45 m / min.
Typical applications