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Stainless steel tube welding production line


1, Overview: With the continuous development of society, the requirements of the various sectors of the stainless steel pipe constantly improve. Stainless steel straight seam welded pipe for its excellent variety of quality, lower prices are gradually replaced by stainless steel seamless pipe, an increasingly wide range of applications in the petrochemical, paper, automotive, food, medical and mechanical construction and many other fields become first choice for all walks of life. Hongxing produced the pipe unit design reasonable, solid structure, and stability.

2, the equipment consists of: uncoiler, shear welder, live sets, molding unit, high-frequency welding power supply, solid solution bright annealing device, Length Flying Saw cutting platform, speed drag equipment, cooling system

3, Applicable power: the routine use of solid-state high frequency power supply according to the thickness and speed, power frequency in the 100-600KHZ, 60-1800KW power, power factor and power grid pollution have higher requirements can choose chopper-type solid state high frequency power .

Typical applications