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Integration of Quenching Machine Series

Integration of Quenching Machine Series

This All-in-one Quenching Machine is a complete set of equipment for parts quenching, consisting of a solid state induction heating power supply, a CNC quenching machine tool, power supply cooling system, quenching medium cooling device and etc. It features compact structure, less floor occupation, full functions, high automation, easy installation, quick and flexible movement, etc.

Integration of quenching machine tool consist with solid-state induction heating power supply, CNC quenching machine tool and energy monitoring system, power supply cooling water, quenching medium cooler, oil mist separator, the electromagnetic field shield, etc. To be a complete workpiece quenching equipment.


  • High control accuracy--- 0.1% power stability, 0.05 S response time
  • Low energy consumption--- power factor above 0.92, conversion efficiency above 85%
  • Perfect environmental emissions---standard oil mist separation, shielding space electromagnetic radiation

The solid state digital induction heating power supply in this All-in-one Quenching Machine has a high-speed DSP chip as its control core and IGBT as its chopping regulating element. It is a fully digital, intelligent, accurate and modular induction heating power supply, featuring low output voltage, high efficiency, wide compatibility, simple and reliable circuit, fast start, high control precision and easy operation.

This series of machine is equipped with energy monitoring system, monitoring the heating power, medium flow, pressure and temperature, etc. It will alarm if a workpiece is not up to standard in real-time detection. It has functions of process parameters storage and download so as to trace product quality.

Real-time parameters curve of the workpiece heating and the reference curve

The machine tool adopts SIEMENS (or other brands) CNC system. Through the servo motor, the ball screw, linear guide rail and other parts can make up and down smooth movement with high positioning accuracy. The rotation of workpiece is made by frequency converter drive motor with stepless speed regulation in certain extent.

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