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Dynamic filtering compensation device TSVGGD

Dynamic filtering compensation device TSVGGD

TSVG dynamic filter compensation device is a new research and development of products with market demands of our company, combined for reactive power generator SVG and TSC dynamic reactive power compensation device of SCR, formed new high-capacity continuous reactive power compensation device TSVG. TSVG is the high-tech product representative in low voltage reactive power compensation , also is a development direction of next generation in reactive power compensation equipment.

Product features

  1. Continuous adjustment: continuous adjust reactive power capacity, realize stepless compensation;
  2. Bidirectional: dynamically continuous regulate bothway reactive power, namely compensate inductive load and capacitive load;
  3. Modular: modular design, beautiful appearance, convenient maintenance;
  4. Fast response:less than 10 ms, can suppress voltage fluctuation and weaken   load power impact, protect electrical equipments
  5. Low noise: less than 50 db.
  6. Low loss: small loss, less than 1%;
  7. Easy maintenance: small volume, modular design, can separate maintenance, without effect on each other;
  8. Full protection: perfect self-protection system technology, monitoring TSVG parts working condition.

Compared with traditional dynamic compensation

Typical applications