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MOSFET Solid-state High-frequency Induction Heating Equipment Series

MOSFET Solid-state High-frequency Induction Heating Equipment Series

DC power: 10~400kW

Inverter frequency: 50~400kHz

Material heated: all kinds of carbon steel, non-ferrous metal.

Heating mode: pipe heating, wire heating, bar heating, plate heating, bearing heating, gear heating, plane heating.

Heating methods: quenching, heating penetration, brazing.


Main characteristics for MOSFET solid state high frequency induction heating equipment:

  1. No high voltage operation, maintenance safety, saving electricity about 30%., water-saving about 50%.
  2. Using high-power MOSFET.
  3. Using dual-loop PI regulator of voltage and current so can ensure the constant power output when the electric network voltage changes.
  4. Power range from 0 to 100% adjustable steplessly.
  5. Using pulse width modulation or voltage regulation circuit microcomputer control based, adjustment stable with high precision, small harmonic interference.
  6. It has fault protection system with over-voltage, over-current, lack phase and less water-pressure etc.
  7. Control circuit has a soft start and soft stop function, it will not has the impact to the electric network.

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